Come Home


“Where there is flow, there is health.”


Feeling stuck?


Going through transition in your life and need support?

Wanting clarity?

Got aches and pains that won’t go away?

Want to feel alive in your body and life again?

Needing flow and connection in your life?

Or … just need some TLC and deep rest?


Come Home To Your Body, Come Home To Your Self

Hawaiian Kahuna Massage and Bodywork is a unique modality that moves stuck energy in the body at a very deep level, so that flow and health can be restored to your mind, your body, your spirit and your life.


“KaHuna Massage changed my life. Through learning to give and receive this ancient healing form of bodywork, I have transformed my self and my life on so many levels. Old patterns of thinking have given way to new ways of being that bring me more joy and aloha, and have helped me to manifest more happiness and positive change in myself and those around me.” Read my story here.




KaHuna Bodywork is more than just massage. It will reconnect you to your soul, restore your energy, recalibrate your nervous system and take you on a journey.

This is transformational work that can change your life. I call it ‘life coaching through the body’.

Working with heart, aloha, intention and a focus on the breath, a KaHuna Massage session will take you to a place of deep relaxation, help you to release that which needs to go, and make space for whatever needs to come in to your body and life. 


Ka Huna Massage is a modality that originates in Hawaii. It has its roots in the ancient Hawaiian view of the world and the technique can be traced back to the temples in Hawaii. It is sometimes referred to as ‘ancient temple-style Lomi-Lomi Hawaiian massage’. Working with the ebb and flow of the ocean, and using intention, breath and unique techniques, a Kahuna therapist will take you on a journey…. Read more

I’m so looking forward to sharing this incredible work with you. Thank you for taking the step to love yourself more deeply.


Done in a spirit of Aloha, Kahuna Massage is often called ‘the dance of breath and life from the heart”.  If you have regular sessions it can be like life-coaching through the body.

Read here what clients say about the experience of having regular massage sessions

A series of weekly massages is highly effective to begin your Kahuna journey and support you through any life-changing experiences. Thereafter, a monthly massage will keep you on track, or you might choose to continue with weekly sessions. As one weekly client says “My regular visits are therapy, physical relief, comfort, hope all wrapped into one.

Each time you come for a session, you are in a different place. So we can intuitively choose which kind of massage is most appropriate when you arrive for your session, or you can choose before you come from the different types here.

I look forward to traveling with you on your life journey.


Brenda Loukes

Brenda at Peles volcano Hilo Hawaii
Brenda at Volcanoes National Park, Big Island, Hawaii in August 2017.

Manawa” is an Hawaiian word that means: 

“The moment of power is now”

Choose which type of massage feels right for you…


Why would South Africans be inspired to do this work that originated in Hawaii?  Read more…..



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